House Cleaning and Household Appliances Needed for This.

The main reason for the negative attitude towards cleaning the apartment is the wrong internal motivation or even a complete lack of motivation. Often, only one person does most of the cleaning work, but the whole family creates a mess in the apartment. In addition, no matter how much time was spent putting everything in order, the very next day the landlady will find a new front for cleaning work, because the mess is created as if by itself, but the order needs to be carefully put in place, only by making considerable own efforts and work. All that you may be interested in in household appliances, you can look at

How to start cleaning the house?

hushållsapparater bäst i testDuring cleaning, you need to develop from start to finish a clear sequence of actions:

  • Putting things in place.
  • Dusting.
  • Washing windows.
  • Sweeping.
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping.

To make work faster, you can turn on fun and groovy music, and then start putting things in order, determining which item to leave and which to throw away or give away to someone: the fewer things, the easier it is to put them in order, clean, wipe dust. First you need to carefully examine books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, furniture, toys, old clothes and old shoes.

We remove the dust.

Before starting to wipe the dust, it is advisable to turn off the lights, air conditioners and fans. Dust is best wiped from left to right and from top to bottom using a microfiber cloth. This will reduce the amount of allergens in the air and improve its quality.

With wet rags wound around the end of a mop or broom, it’s good to clean the cobwebs.
It is better to remove the dust that is on the blinds as follows: first turn all the plates in one direction to the end and erase the dust, then in the other. This is much faster than erasing dust on both sides of each plate in turn.

When removing dust, one should not forget about the upper edging of doors, fans, lighting fixtures, frames of paintings and photographs. You also need to remove dirt from small and large souvenirs, which are sometimes better to put in a drawer to reduce homework. For photo frames, television screens, and computer monitors, use a glass cleaner during cleaning to apply it to microfiber to prevent streaks. Wooden furniture is sometimes desirable to wipe with special wax.

A vacuum cleaner will help us.

After that, we need to vacuum all floors and upholstered furniture. Vacuum cleaners do an excellent job of dusting on such surfaces: concrete floors, wood floors, parquet, carpets, berber carpets.
The types and types of vacuum cleaners are very different, from classic to modern robotic vacuum cleaners. Everyone will find a vacuum cleaner for their tasks.

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