Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Tired of monotonous work in the garden? Do you want to have a neat hedge and a well-groomed site, spending a minimum of time and effort on it? In this case, the best way out of the situation will be the purchase of a special garden tool – hedge trimmer. But how to choose a hedge trimmer is a separate important issue! After all, for a competent selection of equipment you need to take into account not only the purchase budget, but also many other factors.

Criteria for competent selection of hedge trimmers

In order for the garden tool to serve more than one month, it should be selected competently, taking into account the purpose of this or that model.

What is important to pay attention to

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

When deciding which hedge trimmer to choose, it is necessary to pay attention to its basic characteristics:

  1. Power. For a private farm it will be sufficient to have engine power of 450-500 W (electromotive) or 0.7 kW (petrol engine models).
  2. Length of the cutting part. On sale there are models with a diameter of 20 to 75 cm. At the same time, the longer the bus coupler bus, the stronger it is, since this tool is designed for industrial purposes (for example, cutting large volumes of hedges). Also devices with a long cutting part can be used as high-altitude. But the devices with a short cut are designed for a curly hairstyle. In a private household, the choice is optimal for a hedge trimmer with a tire of 40-50 cm in length.
  3. Single-sided or double-sided cutting. Two-sided models are designed primarily for vertical trimming and alignment of corners. They are needed in the event that you want to acquire a perfectly flat hedge. Also, bilateral models significantly speed up the pace of work on the site.
  4. The weight. The easiest are electromotive hedge trimmers (from 1.9 kg), whereas the petrol motor tool is heavier and bulky (up to 6 kg). This is of great importance if you use a woman. A heavy tool will not work even if the hedge height is more than 1.5 m and you need to hold a hedge trimmer on your outstretched arms.

Additional technical advantages

In addition to the main technical characteristics, when choosing a hedge trimmer, it is worth considering the availability of additional devices and the ergonomics of the device:

  1. The pitch of the teeth (knives). The bigger it is, the thicker the branches that can cut the tool (like here: http://www.vincedooleysgarden.com/the-3-best-pole-hedge-trimmers/).
  2. Presence of a corner for gathering branches. This device is relevant in case the fence grows, for example, on the border with a neighboring site. And, as a result, you need to avoid falling cut branches on someone else’s territory.
  3. Lever. For curly hairstyle and vertical trimming, you need a tool with a rotary knob. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of an anti-slip coating.
  4. Cable limiter for electromotive models. Thanks to it, the hedge trimmer will not detach from the extension cable during operation. A protective clutch, preventing the defeat of the wire, will also be superfluous.
  5. Presence of the built in level. The water level inside the hedge trimmer will allow cutting the hedge strictly parallel to the ground.