The 5 Best Pole Hedge Trimmers

The main criteria for choosing a hedge trimmer

First, we give the most general criteria for choosing hedge trimmers, and then we’ll look at the nuances that relate to the specific types of these garden tools. So, even before buying a hedge trimmer, you need to decide on the following points:

The main criteria for choosing a brush cutter

  • How often and for how long in one approach do you plan to use a hedge trimmer. Consider the complexity of the work and the requirements for the accuracy of trimming bushes, trees, fences. From all this will depend on the choice of the type of this garden tool – mechanical, gasoline, electric or battery powered.
    Decide what kind of mobility you expect from this device, how it should be compact, easy to transport. Will you use it in open areas away from the electrical outlet.
  • Formulate your requirements for the power of the model. Not always high power is needed wherever work will be performed continuously and for a long time. Sometimes a high-performance model does not hurt to have for occasional use.
  • Find out what noise level is characteristic for the chosen hedge trimmer, how much it weighs and whether these parameters are critical in some circumstances (for example, the garden is close to the house where the little child sleeps, the pole trimmers for cutting hedges will be used by a fragile woman).
  • In addition, it is worth paying attention to the material of the case – it is desirable that it is reinforced plastic, which, unlike metal, does not rust over time, withstands mechanical loads and at the same time very light.

Now about what to look for when buying a mechanical hedge trimmer. These include:

  • the weight;
  • length of blades;
  • ergonomics.

Examples of mechanical models can be found in the assortment of companies Sturm !, Santool, Green Apple.

A lot of convenient hedge trimmers are produced by the company Eurotex Garden Tool. For example, the Eurotex 090316-001 model, equipped with two-component rubberized handles, a saw tooth and a length of 560 mm, is very popular. The hedge trimmer is suitable for pruning branches on trees and shrubs, shaping a hedge.

Gasoline Hedge Trimmer FS 490 C-EM

Gasoline Cutter FS 490 C-EM

Electric models of hedge trimmers should be chosen with an eye on:

  • length of cord. The more it is, the more mobile the device you will get at your disposal. However, in some cases, the problem can partly be solved using an extension cable;
  • power, but consider that the more powerful, the less economic the unit will be. Here it is worth giving a reasonable compromise;
  • idling speed: the higher it is, the faster you will manage the thickets of shrubs in your garden.

Electric hedge trimmers can be found in the assortment of companies Bosch, Ryobi, Skil, Prorab, Ikra, Champion, Interkol, Gardena, Monferme, Stiga, Oleo-Mac.

Bosch AHS 45-16 is a worthy example of an electric brush brush. Its power is 420 W, and the speed of the cutting element is 3400 rpm. The length of its blades is 450 mm, and the distance between knives for this model is 16 mm. This hedge trimmer is positioned as the most compact and lightweight in its line (weighs only 2.7 kg), so it is suitable for regular use, including by women. Moreover, it has an excellent balance and is adapted for both right-handed and left-handed people. This electric tool also uses a two-element switching system and a cable limiter, which protects the extension cord from being disconnected.